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Maybe Bitcoin (BTC) has already set a new “quasi-gold standard” for the world, or it goes up to a million or zero, believing that it is a well-known entrepreneurial capital in California.

Speaking to Pomp Podcast this week, Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Antorgan Pulpiano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, a digital asset management firm, said he had always thought “intoxication didn’t always matter” was very much like Bitcoin. At what price does Bitcoin work? “It’s zero, or it’s millions,” he said.

He then got into an argument with Bitcoin about his “binary” views, saying that “what he will do is create a quasi-gold standard.”

“This will create an index, in addition to the fact that instead of owning gold, where gold is owned by central banks, it is a tool that has a value that determines its participants and among them, and it belongs to everyone. ”
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However, Palihapitiya said that while Bitcoin could never be the same as gold, it could be considered a form of “gold 2.0”:

“It replaces the value-added method you need to make money,” said the well-known investor. However, he also stressed that the replacement of the fiat currency with bitcoin could occur only if the US dollar for some reason turns out to be a serious problem. (Learn more: QE will not cause hyperinflation, says world hyperinflation expert)

He has previously spoken of Bitcoin as a “shmuk insurance” in the hope that it will never be needed again, and now he admits that there is a better chance that “insurance” will work.

“But now, if the probability was 1% that it [insurance] would be worth it, unfortunately, the probability now is like 5% or 10%, and there is a real chance that by 2030, we will not be able to find a way out of our solution.” On the massive level of debt and unfinished pension obligations found around the world.

As previously reported, Chamath Palihapitiya is a lawyer who uses Bitcoin as part of any traditional investment portfolio, saying Bitcoin is a “fantastic hedge” and that everyone should invest 1% of it as “insurance under the mattress”.


Genealogy in Switzerland – A Longenecker Family Search

I recently visited Langnau, Bern, Switzerland and spent two days immersed in all things Langenegger. My wife and I arrived at Langnau Train Station on June 25, 2004, exhausted from a long flight from San Francisco. As we exited the train station, we immediately struck the unique character of this area.
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Outside the train station are the remains of a paved road that is now secured by asphalt. Everywhere looked beautiful Swiss houses and buildings – many of them hundreds of years old – all decorated with colorful and pink and red bellows placed in flower boxes under each window. As we found out later, Emmental is also a land of miracles of covered bridges, friendly people, swiss-clapped churches, cow bites – everything you expect from Switzerland.
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As we walked to our hotel in Bareau, we noticed how friendly and kind the locals were – stopping to let us cross the street and smiling as we passed a friendly “Hallo” or “Guten Morgen”. The city is dotted with long stone tanks with well water that splits at one end and drains the other. They look like a stone tank. These are available to anyone who wants a cool drink of water.
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After settling into our room at the Landgasthof Hotel Adler, the owner invited us for a short stroll through the countryside where we saw more beautiful houses and pastures. After returning, we asked some locals at the hotel restaurant on the Langenegger farm and they had a good laugh. It turns out that there are a lot of Langeneggers out there and we didn’t know the name of the people who lived in the original house they came to see.
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The hills are about 1,200 feet above the valley floor and incredibly green with grass and woodland visible from anywhere in the city. Langnau is small – maybe three or four blocks long and the hills look very close. Black and white cows break the green and produce and the wonderful sound flickers as they walk around the ringing of bells around their necks. The taller bells worn by sheep and goats are combined with the bell-bong cake of the bell cows making a delicious backdrop to the landscape. This is the last sound we heard as we started to sleep covered in a quilt with wings on our first night in Langnau.
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Our birds woke up to a wonderful green world that is Langnau in the summer. We enjoyed a great breakfast of homemade bread and jell provided by our host Stephen. We hoped to attend church, but found that our information was incorrect and arrived too early.
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Instead we started our tour of Langnau early. Langnau is a small town, and we walked all the main streets around noon, when we took a lunch break to share a little cheese and a pastry shop from a small shop near the city center. At that time, the local museum had opened. Housed in one of Langnau’s oldest homes, it is a great opportunity to look inside one of these beautiful buildings and see all the fancy roofs that the builders build. It is also a large museum with a series of permanent and rotating exhibits depicting the history of Langnau and its inhabitants.
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The museum professor has lived in Langnau for 70 years and knows the name Langenegger very well. She quickly found a book containing the tops of the Langenegger family – one for those in the valley (Langenegg Ey) and one for those taller in the hills (Langenegg Unter). He has also loosely analyzed the name in Lange (Long in English – pronounced “in German”) and negg (hill in English – pronounced “in German). I couldn’t confirm the word & nbsp; anywhere – but that said. The book included.
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and a statement: “Ulrich, von Langnau, wanderte 1748 n Pennsylvanien (USA) Aus (Faust 61)”, which roughly translates to Ulrich Langenegger migrating to Pennsylvania in the United States in 1748. This is our ancestor Ulrich Langenegger Sr.
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The book provides no other source for this information.On the map, Langenegg Unter is only a 30-minute walk from the hotel. hill from the museum and Langenegg Ey is about a mile down the river Langnau, since Unter had been owned by someone else from Langenegger for many years, we decided to take a look at the Ey property in the valley to see if we could at least to make a picture of the house and maybe if we were really lucky, meet a distant relative.
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Margarita and I walked along the river, where many of the locals took a break from normal life to cool off. We were pleasantly surprised by the number of covered bridges in and around Langnau – all of which are still in use. We even walked one just outside of Langnau.
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Just as we approached the long road to Langenegger’s house, two women came from the river and one of them spoke English. He told us that we were in the right place and that the Langenegger family lived here. He offered to accompany us to the right house between a group of different houses and buildings owned by us. With a wonderful German “Woo hoo” he called the people inside us and introduced us to my 9th cousin who lives in the house where Ulrich Langenegger Senior was born in 1664 (mentioned in the book he immigrated to Pennsylvania).
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Our famous cousins ​​were kind and warmly welcomed, even though we had just appeared on their doorstep after over 250 years without a Christmas card! We had a brief discussion about the family and we saw some of the information they had there. Coincidentally, the couple’s sister by the door was in Pennsylvania to watch a reunion of Longenecker while we were in Langnau. We’ve exchanged contact information so we can keep track of it with information we find useful. They were kindly given us a cool drink from their meal before we soon went around the farm to take some photos.
The cows were in the barn as it was warm that day. Milk from their cows is sold to a herd of local farmers who make it into cheese. If you’re looking for authentic Langenegger cheese, look for the Emmentaler type as this is where they make it. It is sold in the USA as a simple Swiss type cheese – the type with holes in it. I must admit it tasted much better in Langnau than in California.
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The house is an easy walk along the river from Langnau and consists of the original home plus a few extra houses and buildings. I found the house a challenge to photograph on its own. It is a typical Swiss farm with a seating area and a barn under one roof. On one side is a sloping ramp that goes directly into the attic above the barn used to move hay to this area for storage and use during the winter.
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The roof is steep by American standards but not as steep as I expected in a snow-covered area. Most ceilings in the area are tiled and include a series of six-inch brackets that hold the snow in winter so that not everyone falls at the same time. Some buildings had a simpler system with only a set of brackets near the bottom of the roof that held a four-inch pipe extending the entire length of the house – presumably for the same purpose as the brackets in other buildings. In addition, the system probably uses snow to insulate the roof from the cold. Another interesting thing about some roofs and houses – builders sometimes put their initials and date of construction on the roof using different colored tiles. Others were drawing this information under the eaves or on the face of the building under the eaves.
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Langenegger’s house is not as fancy as some in the city, but it is large and includes some fancy artwork that we saw repeated inside the museum, on covered bridges and elsewhere in the area. The main structure seems to be large beams carefully joined together at the right angles so that they become stronger as more weight is placed – and held together by wooden clothespins. On a bridge near the city, we saw a metal band that seems to have been added later.

The activity of rural centers around dairy cows. There was a large farm planted near the house along with a well maintained garden that seems to give away every home we saw in Switzerland. Along the motorway’s approach to the farm there are some cherries with mostly green fruits as they begin to turn pink in places. The rest of the farm seemed to be on the grass. My friend John Garland in Oklahoma would call fencing “psychological fencing” – not an obstacle to an animal he wants out. We noticed that many hedges appear to be temporary and power-bearing so that cows can easily move to fresh grass as needed. We still saw an electric fence attached to a solar panel high in the mountains with a long train away from Langnau. Respect for today’s occupants & # 39; time and space, we only stayed for a while.

We returned to our hotel on a path that runs along the river and stopped for a rest in the shade of an old covered bridge. We were exhausted again and happy to meet our distant relatives and see the old house.

Research: If you are exploring this area, there is no pedigree information available in Langnau immediately. The record office has been filing since 1886, but it does not release it without the permission of the persons mentioned in the records and the fees for doing so are very high. You will have a much better luck in Bern, where most of the Swiss archives are kept. There is almost always someone who speaks English and filing cabinets are no exception. The files are neither computerized or indexed – but they are very neat based on location and time frames. You have to tell them exactly who, where and when you want to look to get the right microfilm. Then it’s an old-fashioned search that searches through files written over time using unknown styles and letters. The closets are outside the office in the hallway and you should leave your backpack, wallet, etc. there. It’s free and safe.

The Archives de l & # 39; attat de Berne is located in Falkenplatz 4, CH-3012 Bern near the main train station. It was easy to find the third time I tried. The train station is large and busy and on many levels. Locate the lifts at one end of the station and move them to the top. If you have a problem, follow the students and signs at the university to find the lifts. Once at the top, head to the campus – the only way you can really get through – and pass between two large campus buildings. Falkenplatz 4 is the first building on the right after passing through the campus area. There is a small stop in front of the small park where students get together for a cheap and good sandwich – they arrive there early, as the sandwiches run out quickly after noon. The office is open from 8:00 until 12:00 and from 1:00 to 5:00 every week except Friday when it closes at 4:30. If you want to confirm before you go, their phone numbers are 031/633 51 01, fax 031/633 51 02. Copies are a Swiss franc per page – so get a lot of money so you can get all , what do you want. You can easily spend 50 franks in an afternoon depending on the files you want. I didn’t have time, but you might want to check out these resources provided by the Langnau museum. . .

Zivilstands- und Burgerrechtsdienst

Des Kantons Bern

Eigerstrasse 73

3011 Bern

031/633 47 85

Fax: 031/633 47 39

Nieisen Paul-Anthon

Biohora 7

3753 Oberhofen am Thunersee

033/243 24 52

Luxury hotels by budget hotels

A hotel is defined as "a facility that provides payment on a short-term basis". (See 1.)

In the early years of the hotel, the accommodations were very basic, usually a room with a bed, a closet, a small table and a sink. These days, most rooms are equipped with modern facilities. In addition to bathrooms, there is air conditioning, a telephone, a TV, Wi-Fi (internet connection) and a minibar with snacks and drinks.

Hotels have changed dramatically over the years. There are several types of hotels to suit almost every person's tastes, needs and most of all. The two main types of hotels are luxury hotels and affordable hotels. Although both have similar basic amenities, these two types of hotels have significant differences:

Cheap hotels

As the name implies, these hotels were created for people on a low budget and therefore want to spend as little as possible. The rooms at these hotels usually have basic amenities such as a bed and washing facilities and most of them have shared toilets. Most budget hotels are older. They are clean but not as fancy as luxury hotels. Some of these budget hotels are equipped with worn-out furniture and offer nothing for free except perhaps a simple breakfast or newspaper which is sometimes included in the price they charge.

Prices for affordable hotels vary greatly depending on the location. Only in Los Angeles can budget hotels charge anywhere from $ 45 to $ 119 per day.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are for people who are accustomed to a rich lifestyle. The staff at these hotels are specially trained to cover everything guests need. Their aim is to provide their guests with all the luxuries they desire during their stay. These hotels were built in such a way that their guests are absolutely free to stay. In addition to basic amenities in luxurious rooms, these hotels are usually equipped with massages offering massages, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, beauty centers offering a wide range of beauty treatments, swimming pools, bars and restaurants.

These services of course come at a much higher price than budget hotels. Other services you can get at luxury hotels are free room service, free newspapers and even better channel options on your TV. You can even use clothes and slippers while staying at these hotels.

As with budget hotels, prices for luxury hotels vary greatly depending on the location. Luxury hotels in London charge anywhere from £ 240 to £ 525 a day.

There is truth in the saying "Get what you pay for". So for people who have the money to spend on expensive hotel accommodation, staying in a luxury hotel would be better if they want to have the best service they can buy for the money. But for people who have a limited budget but need a place to stay while away from home, it is better to stay in budget hotels.

For travelers who want to make their reservations ahead of time, at the hotel of their choice, they can go online and check the websites of various hotels around the world.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotel

Exploring Hawaii's Nubile Capital

About Honolulu

Wonderful beaches, charming green and stunning architecture are some of the features of Hawaii's capital, Honolulu. It is also the most populous city in the state. Located on the island of Oahu, Honolulu is the main gateway to Hawaii and an important gateway to the United States. It is both the western and southern largest American city. Honolulu means "protected harbor" or "tranquil harbor". Honolulu has often been ranked high in the world in terms of austerity but also the country's second safest city.

Tourist sights

The affluent capital of Hawaii has such a wide range of attractions, almost everyone can find something to enjoy. Art and history enthusiasts will find plenty to discover with the USS Arizona Monument, the Pearl Harbor / WW II Valor at the Pacific National Monument, the Missouri War Memorial, the USS Bowfin Museum and Submarine Park, the Episcopal Museum, the Makapuu Trail, the Iolani Palace, the Hawaii Museum, the Honolulu Museum of Art, and the Pacific Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Nature's romance can be enjoyed with numerous scenic locations, such as Diamond Head State Monument, Hanauma Bay Nature Park, Waikiki Beach, Manoa Falls, Fort DeRussy Beach Park, Tantalus Lookout Puu Ualakaa State Park, the island Magic, Ala Moana Beach Park and Kapiolani Park. Wildlife lovers can explore the magnificent Honolulu Zoo.

For shopaholics, the Honolulu Cookie Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, Ala Moana Center, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Royal Hawaiian Center, Don Quijote and Kahala Mall are ideal destinations. Theatrical and theatrical fans can love the spectacular backdrops with the Fourever Fab Show, Rock-A-Hula, Big Kahuna Luau, Hale Koa Luau, High and Right Comedy Night and the magic of Polynesia.

For party animals, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel's Mai Tai Bar, Honolulu's JCB Plaza Lounge, Honolulu's Hard Rock Cafe, Hawaii's Paradise Pedals, RumFire ​​and Study are the perfect spots to make their nights happen. . For folks looking for delicious food, Ono Seafood, Hawaiian Food, Piggy and Madame, Steak Shack, Alan Wong's Restaurant and Uncle Bo's Pupu Bar & Grill are some of the best meals to have.

Some of the other notable points of interest include Pacific National Cemetery, Shangri La, Saint Augustine by-the-Sea, Duke of Kahanamoku Statue, USS Oklahoma Monument, King Kamehameha Statue, Downtown Honolulu, Izumo Taisho Sendai and Chinatown.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Honolulu is from September to November, when temperatures, hotel rates and airline fares are favorable. You can find cheap flight tickets to Honolulu by browsing the various travel packages offered by the various travel portals.

Important Airport

Honolulu International Airport (IATA: HNL) is the main air gate and county of Honolulu and the State of Hawaii and is recognized as one of the busiest airports in the United States, with traffic exceeding 21 million annually. rises .

Affordable Weekend Getaways – For Corporate Getaways

In these difficult times, businesses, both large and small, had to tighten their financial zones. To counter the recession, many businesses have canceled or avoided planning weekend events, small contracts or executive golf tours. However, reducing your corporate budget does not mean that you should abandon such corporate excursions. You may just need to review the venue. For affordable weekend getaways that allow your loyalists to mix business with pleasure, look no further than McCurtain County, Oklahoma's Beavers Bend State Park.

Businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Shreveport will find the Beavers Bend State Park area only a few hours away. from the location of their business. It is an ideal place for corporate excursions, team building exercises and other business meetings. With a picturesque setting, modern accommodation, affordable cabins on 100-foot tall pine trees, a Broken Bow Lake Refuge and a range of leisure opportunities, the Beavers Bend State Park is the perfect escape for any party.

Various facilities offer meeting space. The nearby Red River Museum features a modern, full-service conference center with audio-visual facilities, a fully equipped kitchen and four meeting rooms, three of which can accommodate 75 people and one can accommodate 250 people.

Overlooking the beautiful Lake Broken Bow, Lakeview Lodge offers a meeting room that can accommodate 45 people with a DVD / DVR player, Wi-Fi and a food and beverage service. The cozy meeting rooms at the accommodation are ideal for small groups of five to 28 people.

The Forest Heritage Center has two meeting rooms that can accommodate between 40 and 60 years old, with projector, display and nutrition. They are all perfect for sales meetings, seminars, workshops and management affairs.

Once the meetings are over, your employees will have a wide selection of activities to share in the fun and friendship. Water sports can snorkel, canoe, kayak, swim, boat, sail or jet ski in the crystal clear waters of Lake Broken Bow. You can even parasail if you like.

Bird lovers can fly on one of the many trails in the park, where they can not only see birds such as bald eagles, red-handed hawks, bobwhites and ruby-bodied birds, but also squirrels, raccoons, deer, and the occasional black bear.

Fishermen can try their hand at catching brown and rainbow trout, big bass, crappie or catfish in the 14,000-acre lake and nearby rivers. McCurtain County offers the best trout fishing in the Mid-South. The guides are ready to help the ancient fishermen.

Horse tours are also available for every level rider, from beginners to advanced. Your employees can climb the saddle and see the mountains and forest paths in a whole new way.

And, you know what they say – a lot of businesses are involved and decisions are made on the golf course, and the nearby 18-hole Cedar Creek Golf Course fits the bill perfectly. With stunning views of Broken Bow Lake and pine-rimmed, narrow fairways, the par-72, located at the foot of the Kiamichi Mountains, is considered one of the most beautiful in Oklahoma. The 16th hole is considered particularly difficult because it is surrounded by water on three sides – playing like a green island. It was recently named by Golf Digest as the best municipal golf course in Oklahoma.

As you can see, McCurtain County, Oklahoma has something to offer to all of your employees as well as to all of your corporate meeting needs. Affordable weekend getaways are a lot of fun as they are few and far between, so don't delay planning your retreat today.

Cheap Vacation Guide: 6 Affordable Destinations for a Fun Getaway

It is not at all true that you have to spend a ton of money to go on a rich vacation. For every popular tourist spot, there is a cheap alternative. Even some of the most popular destinations are becoming more accessible these days. Regardless of the type of trip you are interested in, you can count on having some cheap vacations out there to meet your needs. Here are some recommendations to get you started.


Thailand is always a popular country for backpackers. It has rich culture, beautiful islands, beaches, cuisine and adventure sites. All these are usually available at affordable prices. There is more to Thailand than just Bangkok. Explore places like Koh Tao, Koh Samet, Khao Lak, Hua Hin and Phuket City.


This is a cheap alternative to more popular South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina There are many great beaches to choose from and plenty of wildlife to see. Just hop on a flight from American Airlines, Air Europa, or British Airways to Montevideo.

Isla Mujeres

If you are looking for cheap holiday spots in Mexico, head here. It is a cheap alternative to Cancun. As long as the dollar remains strong in Mexico, places like Isla Mujeres will be accessible to US travelers. You can take the island with a rented golf cart. Since there are no tourist traps to fall, everything is available at a low price.

Camino de Santiago

Looking for a cheap holiday in Europe? Camino de Santiago is your best choice right now. See many historical sights walking the path across Spain. Thousands of people from all over the world "pilgrimage" all the way every summer. There are many affordable restaurants and budget accommodation along the way.

Oklahoma City

This US city is a cheap getaway offering many fun activities. You can do everything from wandering in Bricktown (for free) to visit the Cowboy National Museum and the Western Heritage. There is no shortage of restaurants, shops, bars and hotels.

Daytona, FL

If you want a beach holiday, Daytona is one of the most fun beaches in the world. It's also related to NASCAR, so you might want to check the speed if it's open. There are actually about 20 miles of public coastline to explore. Interested in history? Visit the Museum of Arts and Sciences.

These are just some of the many cheap holiday spots to visit right now! Each of these destinations has something to offer travelers of all ages.

When planning any type of vacation or trip, make sure you use electronic coupons to ensure that you get the best deal possible. You can also use the intuitive search feature to find out about cheap holiday spots around the world.

6 ideas for a cheap romantic vacation near Dallas

Romance is alive in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, even if you're on a budget. Just a 2-3 hour walk north of the Texas border in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, you will find the Beavers Bend State Park area. Here your efforts will be rewarded with all the natural beauty, tranquility and privacy you need for a romantic time with this special. You won't believe you're so close to home, as McCurtain feels like a world away.

Here are 6 ideas for a cheap romantic holiday near Dallas / Fort Worth in McCurtain County:

1. Polish your skills in the old-fashioned art of conversation: As renowned love doctors and Abby's dear guys all over the world have been saying for centuries, one sure way to rekindle your love affair is through quality communication. Engaging in easy, fun conversations about anything – especially in a beautiful environment can stimulate the mind, body and soul and bring romantic feelings to both of you on a long way. Beavers Bend State Park near Dallas / Fort Worth has acres of virgin forests, lakes and mountains to serve as a backdrop for heartwarming romantic conversations. A slow walk in the beautiful forests can give rise to many romantic ideas.

2. Rediscover your love of board games: How long has it been since you played Scrabble, Parcheesi, Checkers, Dominos or Monopoly? Or put together a puzzle? For us, I'll bet. In the wired world of MP3 players, PDAs and text messages, it's easy to forget some of the simplest hobbies you've used so much. If your memories of simpler times include playing your favorite games at home or in your yard, imagine playing them against the backdrop of an area that LIFE magazine voted one of the "100 Places to See in Your Life" .

3. Get wild and night sky friendly: Beavers Bend State Park has wildlife that you will find difficult to find in the D / FW Metroplex: deer, turkeys, rabbits, quail, hundreds of different species of birds, an occasional black bear and even migrating bald eagles! Speaking of long walks or sitting just outside your cabin, you and your specialist will be given plenty of opportunities to spend time with the flora and fauna that make the area famous for its beauty. At night, the stars do not go beyond city lights and you will find stars and planets, the Milky Way and constellations you have not seen in a long time … if ever.

4. Luxury cabin rental: In McCurtain County there are several suppliers of luxury cabins, many of which are complete with kitchens, fireplaces and hot tubs. Start your culinary adventure by traveling to the local grocery store, choosing your favorite vegetables, pasta and meats. Then enjoy the lunch or dinner you cooked together by the window or outside while watching the wildlife. Of course, a glass of wine and a jacuzzi spell should warm things up as well.

5. Picnic next to a picturesque stream: Picnics are one of the most classic-romantic activities a couple can take part in. The food, the drinks, the blanket, the surroundings – can all add to the romance of the big time. In McCurtain County, you don't have to go far to find the perfect spot to roll out your blanket, roll out your basket and enjoy each other's company on a luxurious feast or vanilla and jelly sandwich. Whether you choose to prepare your own food in your cabin or buy a ready meal at one of the local grocery stores, picnics are a great way to create a romantic atmosphere.

6. Enjoy a glass of wine on your own private terrace under the stars: If you're a wine lover, bring a bottle or two with you to the romantic McCurtain County vacation getaway. Whether your imagination is red or white wine, you'll enjoy it more as you sit on your private terrace looking at the scenery in an area that the Dallas Observer voted "Best Getaway from Dallas." The fresh smell of pine trees and the infinitely star-like sky that extends above you – combined with the ambrosia from a glass of your favorite wine – will work together as natural aphrodisiacs.

McCurtain County's Beavers Bend State Park offers countless opportunities to experience the romantic moments that most couples don't get as often as they want. If you live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and are trying to create some very romantic moments for you, get in the car this weekend and take the short 2-3 hour drive to McCurtain County. Doing so could work wonders for your love.

Cheap Weekend Getaways

Weekend getaways don't have to be expensive, full of fancy rooms and cheap restaurants. Instead, the next time you're planning a romantic weekend away from home, consider spending those two days hiking in the mountainous paradise of McCurtain County, southeast Oklahoma.

Miles and kilometers of breathtaking trails await you in the area, with trails for beginners looking for an easy ride and for the more experienced, greedy hikers who want a more challenging hike. The Beavers Bend Resort Park is a great choice for budget-minded travelers as it includes the Beavers Bend State Park, which offers free entrance.

Whichever route you choose, you and your honey will be surrounded by nature better. The Ouachita Mountains, which unlike most mountain ranges from east to west, offer spectacular views and wildlife outbursts on the road.

The park has seven trails:

South Park

This one-mile route is for the easy hiker. For the most part, the South Park Trail is flat and level, but it still offers the chance to see bald eagles flying overhead and other wildlife along the way.

The junction with the South Park Trail

Also a mile away, this trail is another beginner hiker or those who want to go back to nature, but only for a while. Like the South Park Trail, it is relatively flat and offers a relaxing walk.

Beaver Creek Crossing Trail

This path is a little more difficult. At 1.5 miles, the Beaver Creek Crossing Trail has some steep hills. This trail is a good choice for those just beyond beginner hikers.

Deer Cross – Cedar Bluff Trail

This trail is a bit more difficult than the Beaver Creek Crossing, but still suitable for those who are not yet intermediate hikers. At two miles long, the trail contains many hills, but they are not too steep.

Cedar Bluff – Beaver Lodge Trail

Six miles away, this trail is quite difficult. It contains many steep qualities that will be fun for the most serious hikers.

Skyline route

This trail is aptly named and is only for the most experienced hikers who can withstand altitude hiking. It is six miles long and contains a lot of steep terrain, but you will find that the climb is well worth the effort when you look at the amazing mountain views from the top.

The David Boren hiking trail

Named after the US senator and former governor of Oklahoma, this 16-mile trail is the ultimate hiking challenge. The trail starts from the low water dam at Beavers Bend Lake and then connects to the Beaver Lodge Nature Trail. This trail is well-defined, narrow and full of sharp qualities. A multi-purpose, mountain bike trail also runs for four miles, wading down the river and along the ridges.

In addition to selecting hiking trails in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, you also have a number of options when it comes to accommodation. There are hundreds of affordable cabins to choose from in the pines of the Kiamichi Mountains. The Beavers Bend Resort Park features a 40-room accommodation, 47 cabins for rent, RV connections and tent camping sites. For cheap weekend getaways, you can't look beyond the Beavers Bend State Park, which is also within easy reach, just two to four hours from Dallas / Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Little Rock and Shreveport.

Low cost airlines for flight

Low Cost Airlines provide information on cheap flights operated by various airlines around the world. Cheap airfare prices make them popular among travelers within a pre-determined budget. Low cost airline flight information helps you plan your trip in advance and book your flights accordingly.

The flight information of the following low cost airlines is available as follows:

Operating since 1971, Southwest Airlines is one of the popular airlines that offer flights connecting all major US territories. The 64 Southwest Airlines flight destinations include Birmingham, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Albany, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Dallas, Dallas.

A joint venture of Discovery Americas I and TACA, Volaris is one of the youngest airlines operating in Mexico. The central hub of the airlines is Mexico City International Airport. Destinations performed by Volaris flights include Baja California, Campeche, Aguascalientes, Guerrero, Chiapas, Jalisco, Guanajuato and many more.

Founded in 1997, Allegiant Air operates scheduled and charter flights from its headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. One of America's most popular airlines, Allegiant Air flies to destinations such as San Diego, Mesa, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, Santa Maria, Idaho Falls, Orlando, Green Bay, McAllen, Knoxville and more.

A Singapore-based airline, Tiger Airways operates regular international flights to various destinations around the world. The weekly flights range from 3 to 100 flights. Tiger Airways' destinations include India, Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on.

Low cost airline flight information makes it easy for you to plan your trip. Numerous low-cost airlines, including Southwest Airlines, Volaris, Allegiant Air and Tiger Airways, offer cheap flights to various destinations around the world.